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CANMAKE Poreless Clear Primer

RM 49.00

CANMAKE Poreless Clear Primer (7.75g)

Poreless Clear Primer毛孔隐形嫩滑底霜的清爽凝露质地,可以轻易渗入肌肤,令肌肤瞬间变得如丝般顺滑,适合所有肌肤。 Poreless Clear Primer毛孔隐形嫩滑底霜可以雾化粗糙毛孔、抚平干纹、改善浮粉卡粉问题~ 蕴含多孔球形的硅粉末,可吸收汗水和油脂,减少油光满面,增强妆效持久力,不会轻易脱妆! 搭配的精致的金珍珠细腻的金色珠光,使肌肤变得明亮有光泽!清爽凝露质地,适合所有肌肤,一抹融入肌肤无负担!
Instantly silky-smooth skin Look poreless with just one application Beautiful skin primer

Skin looks silky-smooth in an instant ❤
● This transparent base blends into skin easily, making it look silky-smooth in an instant.
Transparent formula means it won’t look powdery or feel caked-on.

Blurs pores and curbs shine.
● Blurs enlarged pores to make them less noticeable.
● Contains porous spherical silica powder to absorb sweat and sebum, reducing shine.

Enhances your make-up’s staying power, so it won’t wear off easily!
● Just apply before your make-up base to keep your usual make-up in place and looking beautiful for hours on end.

Contains delicate gold pearl
● Delicate gold pearl gives skin a voluptuous shimmer.

Contains beautifying ingredients