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DHC Lip Cream, lip balm

RM 35.00

Specially blended with olive oil for perfectly moisturized, lucious lipsThe lips are covered by a thin and delicate layer of skin. "DHC Lip Cream" blends virgin olive oil and aloe extract with licorice and vitamin E to protect that vulnerable skin.With ingredients similar to the body's natural oils, it naturally binds to and moisturizes your skin without feeling sticky. By forming a cushioning protective film, the moisture and shine stay throughout the day.橄榄油原油混合,在甜美的嘴唇上唇部不太细腻,并且覆盖着非常薄的粘膜,因此它是最细腻和微妙的部分。 “DHC药膏唇膏”与橄榄油,芦荟提取物,保护成分如甘草衍生物和维生素E混合。因为它使用与人类皮脂最相似的油脂成分,它没有粘性,并且自然适应于唇部并保持湿润的感觉。 通过形成缓冲保护膜,我们全天保持水分和光泽。#Japan #dhc #lips #lipbalm