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Flow Fushi UZU Eye Opening Eyeliner NEW COLOR, Matallic Black

RM 85.00

New Color Matallic Black luanched on 2021

Flow Fushi launched a new brand, UZU by Flowfushi, on February 20, 2019. As of now, the only product available under that line is the UZU Eye Opening Liner. This eyeliner is very similar in design and technology to the popular MoteLiner, but with new packaging and a bolder range of colors. It appears that Flowfushi isn’t over after all!

2019年2月20日flow fushi公司推出了新的眼线笔“Uzu Eye Opening Liner",跟之前的mote liner差不多一样,但是新添加了更多颜色选择和换了产品包装,而且比旧的更持久,更防水/防汗,不会晕妆哦!