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Japan Club Cosme suppin powder (26g) IMPROVED VERSION, Rose scented

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Japan Club Cosme After Bath Nude Skin Facial Pressed Powder 2 Fragrance: Pink (Rose Fragrance) Green (White Flora Fragrance) Japan Club Cosme Facial Pressed Powder is able to give a sense of light makeup effect yet not a cosmetic product therefore no need to remove it. It is best product for you to stay beautiful throughout the day even when sleeping!! This is one of the hottest product amongst Japanese girl and ranked No.2 in @Cosme website! It improves the appearance of fine lines and blemishes.This product contains hyaluronic acid and collagen that moisturise skin and improve skin texture.Able to cover face wrinkles & pores, and can use over night!

日本女大学生和上班族超流行、超人气的Club Cosme出浴素颜蜜粉! 2种香味: 粉红色(优雅玫瑰香) 绿色(香甜白花束) 轻轻扫上一层便可收吸细毛孔、提亮皮肤 而且对肌肤毫无伤害,扫上后直接睡觉绝无问题! Club Cosme蜜粉不是化妆品,不必卸妆!! 为什么不必卸妆? 它的成分是玻尿酸、胶原蛋白、保湿等护肤产成分,不会对皮肤照成负担及伤害!就如爽身粉一样,也是不必卸妆。 ▶️荣登日本 @COSME 大赏第 2 位 ▶️內含胶原蛋白和玻尿酸,能增加肌肤透明感光滑度,更滋润嫩滑▶️24小時无需卸妆或洗脸,睡眠時作保养亦可時刻保持迷人狀態▶️可於出街前或护肤后使用,护肤同時美肌,展現彷如浸完温泉的肌肤▶️同時有效隔离空气中刺激物、污染物,如香烟的刺激成份,避免刺激皮肤▶️配合清甜花香味,自然令人煥然一新