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LIHAW Brightening Mask (For Rough Skin / Drying), CICA & Vitamin C Derivative Formulated Face Mask (10 Sheets)

RM 50.00

Item FormSheet
Product BenefitsHydrating
ScentSweet Herbal Scent
Skin TypeAll Skin Type
Special FeatureMoisturizes, Aging Care
Unit Count10.00 枚
Recommended Uses For ProductProvides vitamins, moisturizing, and bright
Material FeatureNon-Comedogenic, Allergy tested


  • Formulated with carefully selected ingredients, Vitamin C derivatives. (*Product antioxidant)
  • 4 types of CICA extract (zvakusa leaf extract, zvoxa extract, madecasoside acyachicoside: skin shaping ingredients) 5 times the formula. (*Compare to LIHAW moisture lotion)
  • 1. Moisturizing ingredients, this product is formulated with an arthritis extract, wort leaf extract, and alpine root extract
  • The Sweet Herbal scent is 100% essential oil. Organic JAS certified farm with a slight citrus and sweet scent on lemongrass
  • 1 bag contains 170 mL of beauty ingredients for special care for daily use. Uses a slightly rich Japanese sheet with a moderate thickness and elasticity