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LION Japan Pair acne cream

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14g (expiry date 2025.4)

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☑️ IPPN + IPMP雙重療效,速效消除粉刺退紅抗炎☑️ 殺滅原因菌☑️消除紅腫 ☑️ 弱酸性☑️质地接近皮膚的PH值 -清爽易吸收非常溫和,使用起來不黏膩☑️低刺激純植物成分,而且清香宜人哦

主要成分 💪💪 : ⭕️ 抗炎劑IPPN【Ibuprofen piconol】能抑制因暗瘡菌造成的面皰,更可鎮痛消炎,從根本治好暗瘡⭕️ 抗菌劑IPMP 【Isopropylmethylphenol】可殺掉令暗瘡情況惡化的暗瘡菌,防止暗瘡惡化及持續

Product Features: -Anti-inflammation: Rapidly diffuse skin tension and inflammation when the skin comes to pimple outbreaks. -Anti-bacteria: Restrain and control the production of bacteria in pores. -Repairing: Heal acnes from the root, enhance the recovery. -Mild nature: Its pH value is close to that of the skin. -Light texture: The cream is light and becomes transparent when spread thinly over the affected area.