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LITS Shape Moist Essence LITS植物干细胞美容液 30ml

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Kevin老师大力推介: 100萬個植物幹細胞──LITS.植物幹細胞美容液 蓝色 , 金色  藍色瓶:高密度美容液,針對20~30歲,開始面對初老症狀,例如兩頰開始出現毛孔粗大、浮腫 金色瓶:拉提緊實美容液,針對40歲以上,需要加強抗老、面對皮膚的皺紋跟鬆弛

Two plant stem cell-derived ingredients added to Capsule Collagen and Cure Passion. Provides long-lasting hydration,
effectively soothing the skin.
Touch and feel your finger bounce back from soft, supple skin.
Thick, luxurious formula fortified with beautifying ingredients leaves skin soft and smooth71yGvkv5HoL._SL1200_.jpg