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Milbon Deesse's LIFA Hair Oil Releaser

RM 36.00

Milbon Deesse's LIFA Hair Oil Releaser 9ML X 4
日本Milbon Lifa头皮深层清洁剂清爽去油不残留 9ml*4😍😍

油皮一定要买‼‼Milbon全新推出的 Lifa头皮深层清洁剂💖
头皮出油是必然的,可是没有定时深层清理就会导致头皮屑一堆💥💥💥💥 出门见人可是很大的一个问题😠😠



只需一周用一次;用后头皮感觉特别清爽🙂 味道也很好闻❤

LIFA scalp cleanser for all scalp and hair use, especially for oily, dandruff troubles, hair fragile hair use.

This water-soluable oil removes sebum by rinsing it off in bubbles. It washes off accumulated sebum. Good for at-home hair care.

Product information:
- Rich in fragrant orange flavor, rich in foam
- Long-term use can alleviate excessive head oil and dandruff issues
- effectively remove fat and dirt from the scalp and hair follicles
- Reduce the healthy growth of hair environment, activate the vitality of hair follicles, so that scalp fresh and healthy

1. Squeeze palm of cleanser on hand before using shampoo, evenly applied to the dry scalp, then massage your scalp with your fingers about 1-2 minutes. (Note: just apply to the scalp / hair root, do not apply in the hair)
2. Then gently massage your scalp with your fingers
3. After 1-3 minutes, spray some water on hair or wet the scalp by hand, gently massage the scalp by hand until a rich bubble.
4. Rinse and use shampoo again.

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