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PDC Wafood Made Sake Face Wash

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PDC Wafood Made Sake Face Wash (170g)


添加从熊本县河津酿酒的酒糟中提取的原始酒稻(ORYZA SATIVA)糟提取物※1。

●美肌成分※1……黄瓜(CUCUMIS SATIVUS)果提取物、大米神经酰胺※4、香橙(CITRUS JUNOS)籽提取物

※1 保湿成分 ※2 含黑色素的老旧角质 ※3 洗掉含黑色素的老旧角质 ※4 糖鞘脂类

The benefits of our popular sake lees skincare everyday.
This is a gentle foam face wash.

It contains ORYZA SATIVA (RICE) LEES EXTRACT*1 derived from sake lees at the Kawazu Brewery in Kumamoto prefecture.
The creamy and puffy bubbles combines with an ORYZA SATIVA (RICE) POWDER scrub to cleanse pores and dullness*2, giving you smoother and whiter*3 skin.

What's more, our carefully-selected ingredients for beautiful skin support*1 are included in abundance, leaving you with moisturized skin. 
●Beautiful skin support*1: CUCUMIS SATIVUS (CUCUMBER) FRUIT EXTRACT, rice ceramides*4, and CITRUS JUNOS SEED EXTRACT

<How to Use>After wetting your face, apply the appropriate amount (2-3 cm) onto your hand. Mix with water until foam forms, and then wash your face. Wash away well with water.
*1 Moisturizing ingredients *2 Aged pores with melanin *3 Cleanses aged pores with melanin *4 Glycosphingolipid