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PDC Wafood Made UM Uji Matcha Wipe-off Face Lotion

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PDC Wafood Made UM Uji Matchaa Wipe-off Face Lotion (190ml)
Special Uji Matcha*1 formula wipe-off lotion will clear away impurities from your pores, bringing you smooth skin.
Matcha has been popular in Japan since long ago, but it has recently gained attention as an ingredient that has beautifying effects.
As matcha contains ingredients that are good for your skin, we created a wipe-off lotion based on matcha.

Includes "stone-milled*2 Uji matcha" from Kyoto Rikyuen, a tea shop with nearly 400 years of history.
Stone milling is a manufacturing method that doesn’t destroy or diminish the ingredient's natural quality.
We've used plenty of this high-quality, stone-milled Uji matcha in this product.

We also added "geranium robertianum extract" to the formula to soften excess keratin build-up.
Since the keratin is softened and prepared, all you need to do is wipe gently!

Wipe away impurities from your pores such as sebum and blackheads to get smooth and supple skin.

●Helps smooth and beautify skin!
Moisturizing skincare ingredients...licorice*3, adlay*4, fermented soybean extract*5
●Three happy facts in its formula
 Does not use alcohol | Does not use mineral oils | Mild acidity

<How to Use>
After washing your face, put the appropriate amount (about the size of a quarter) into a cotton puff and apply it on your skin as if you are gently wiping it off. If you want to increase the moisturizing feel, after wiping off, pat it on your skin repeatedly.
♦The matcha powder may separate in the bottle, so please shake lightly before using.
♦If you want even better skin care, we recommend using products from the Wafood Made Matcha line

*1 Camellia sinensis leaf powder (moisturizing ingredient) *2 Not all of the Uji matcha included is stone-milled *3Glycyrrhiza glabra (licorice) root extract *4 Saccharomyces/Coix lacryma-jobi ma-yuen seed ferment filtrate *5 Natto gum


并且,加入“纤细老鹳草(GERANIUM ROBERTIANUM)提取物”,浸泡老化角质。




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