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Plus Eau Maegami Hair Reset Powder

RM 89.00

Plus Eau Maegami Reset Powder

nstantly smooths sticky bangs!👍 Just apply this fringe reset powder to fix your fringe. Removes stickiness and breakage caused by sweat and sebum. The sebum adsorbing and anti-shine powder firmly removes stickiness, and when blended in, the powder leaves no white residue and leads to smooth and fluffy bangs. ✅In addition to bangs, dab it on a sweaty scalp to reset stickiness and bothersome smells, and to make hair stand up softly and easily increase its volume. It also removes stickiness from the forehead. The compact design and mirror make it easy to carry in a pouch for use on the go. 🧼The natural formula is gentle on the skin, with 90% plant-derived ingredients, and is easy to wash off with soap. ●How to use 1)Take a puff of powder and blend it with the puff on the back of your hand. 2)Lightly apply the powder to the forelock, forehead, and hairline. 3)Finish by unraveling the bangs with a comb or hand comb.