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RISM Daily Care Mask 8Sheets

RM 45.00

RISM skin care brand focuses on "skin rhythm", which aims to keep the skin moisturized and healthy. It contains Chrono Chardy, a newly developed beauty ingredient, that regulates the skin rhythm of modern people, who tend to be disturbed by external stress and irregular life.  RISM Daily Care Mask is an all-in-one facial mask made of 100% plant based mask sheet in zipper bag packaging, it gives you an easy daily skincare performance of toner and emulsion at the same time and finish in as soon as 5-10 minutes. It contains ampoules and other selected plant-derived ingredients that balances water and oil to solve various skin problems, giving you a satisfying skin.

PRODUCT FEATURES: ● Time Beauty Ingredients inspired by skin rhythm ● Free from ethanol, silicone, mineral oil and artificial colorant ● 100% plant-based mask sheet ● Dense moisturizing ● High water retention ● Prevention of rough skin DIRECTION FOR USE: ● After washing your face, attach the mask to your face. ● Leave for about 5 minutes. * If you are concerned about dryness, we recommend to leave it for up to 10 minutes. ● Remove the mask and allow remaining beauty essence on the skin to blend in. ● Use once daily. Recommended to use with Rism ampoule serum after using face mask for enhanced permeability  


RISM是一个专注于“肌肤节奏”的全新护肤品牌。 它含有一种新开发的美容成分——Chrono Chardy,可以调节现代人的皮肤节奏,保持皮肤的滋润和健康。✨ 由 100% 植物基面膜制成的多合一面膜 - 含有安瓿和其他精选的植物衍生成分,可平衡皮肤的水和油。 特征: - 100%天丝面膜 - 服帖面膜材质可提供更好的附着力,使精华液快速输送到您的皮肤。 - 含有美容成分,保持水分,防止皮肤粗糙。 - 2合1日常护理面膜:爽肤水+乳液。

如何使用 - 洗完脸后,将面膜敷在脸上。 - 敷大概 5 分钟。 * 如果您担心干燥,我们建议约 10 分钟。 - 取下面膜,让残留在肌肤上的美容精华吸收。 - 护肤完成。 - 可用于日常护肤。