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Sana Soy Milk Wrinkle Lotion

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Sana Soy Milk Wrinkle Lotion 豆乳美肌緊緻潤澤化妝水 200ml

Soy milk lotion containing pure retinol for anti-wrinkle*1! This thick lotion moisturizes without stickiness by permeating*2 skin that is dry or lacks firmness. Makes fine wrinkles caused by dryness less noticeable (effects tested based on industry guidelines). *1: moisturizing agent *2: to the stratum corneum 

豆乳的緊緻潤澤化妝水。添加高純度維生素A誘導體※1!濃稠的質地毫不黏膩,滲透※2大人乾燥、不夠緊緻的肌膚,賦予水分。淡化乾燥造成的小細紋(經效能評價測試)。 ※1:保濕成分 ※2:滲透至角質層