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SANA Suhada Kinenbi skincare powder素肌紀念日 晚安蜜粉10g

RM 75.00



可以擦著睡覺。 粉餅型。



This is a "skincare powder" that you can use comfortably 24 hours throughout the day with pore coverage, skincare effects, and sebum absorption. Add this to your daily makeup routine in the morning to naturally cover any oily shine, promoting a natural, luminous finish. At night, apply after your skincare routine, and it can cover skin dullness or sticky sebum, leaving your face moisturized but also silky smooth. Further more, it also absorbs sebum secreted during your sleep. It is recommended for those who like natural looking makeup and want to keep the skin clean and beautiful for 24 hours. Contains no tar-based pigments or mineral oils. With a subtle tint of Nude Pink.