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Santen Sante PC Blue Light Eye Drops

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日本参天 PC低头族专用眼药水(12ml)
专为低头族设计的眼药水,减缓电脑或电子产品显示屏中发出的Blue Light给眼睛带来的疲劳和损害。产品中富含最高浓度的维生素B群和硫酸软骨素,具有改善焦点调节的功能,并有效保护角膜,让受损的眼组织代谢恢复活力。配合8种成分改善眼部炎症和高校缓解眼部疲劳,使用起来令双眼倍感舒适,是经常使用电脑和手机的低头族们的福音
ANTEN Sante PC Blue Light Eye Drop. Eye care for light damage from blue light which comes from computers, smartphones and television where can damage your eyes. Sante PC is formulated to ease optical damaged caused by blue light. It helps to remove discomfort to the eyes. The product also contains chondroitin sulphate sodium to protect the cornea and vitamin B6 for activating metabolism of damaged eye tissues. If you always working with computer and smartphone, Sante PC Blue Light Drops is one of the best solution for your discomfort eye.