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Cezanne Lipstick

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Cezanne lip tint (lipstick)
不易脱色 着色感好,持续刚上妆时的亮丽质感。
不干燥 保护嘴唇滋润,防止干燥、皲裂。
日本平价大牌口红 来日本必买‼️

Smooth application: 

The moment you apply it, it softly melts onto your lips and adheres. 

Moist, glossy feel: 

It provides a shiny, vibrant finish, as if beauty oil were put into stick form. 

Maintains moisture: 

With plant-derived beauty oil (shea butter, olive oil, jojoba oil) as moisturizing ingredients, it maintains lips' moisture.


Fragrance-free / Alcohol-free

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