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RISM Daily Care Mask (Clear) (7 sheets)

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RISM Daily Care Mask (Clear) (7 sheets)

Product description

All-in-one for everyday use. Great for skincare in the mornings with no time. [RISM] Daily care mask (4 types in total); Product Features: All-in-one type that completes skin care after washing your face; Quick specification that is just right for beauty (recommended usage time of 5 minutes); Sensitive skin patch tested (not that it does not irritate all people); Weak acid-free, coloring, alcohol-free (ethyl alcohol) additive-free sheets; 100 Percent-cell lo. Made of material Vitamin C derivator; *5+ Vitamin E *6 Sweet garden scent; Precious (Aging Care*2): A moisturizing supplement that specializes in firmness and luster. Asinamide *. 3. Fragrance: Violet honey scent. *1. Moisturizing ingredients: Dipeptide. *3. Moisturizing ingredient: 3 sodium balmitate, ascorpyl, ascorpyl phosphate ascorpyl phosphate *6. Moisturizing ingredients: Tococo Ferrol: 7. Moisturizing ingredient: sodium hyaluronic acid *8 dried etc. *9 grape fruit extract *10 yuzu fruit extract *11 cha leaf extract *Up to 12 stratum layers *13 moisturizing ingredients: ceramide NP, waterborne lecithin, phitosterols.


Water, glycerin, bg, ascorbilyl palmitate, 3 sodium tetrahexyl decanate, ascorbyl phosphate, mg tocopherol, glycyrrrhizinate, 2K grapevine extract, yuzu fruit extract, sea fruit extract, cha leaf extract, peony peony nap, ceramide lecithin, phitin, phitols, carbo Mer, Xanthan Gum Sodium hydroxide, (styrene/VP) copolymer, PEG-60 waterborne castor oil, citric acid, sodium citrate, methylparaben, phenoxyethanol, fragrance