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Tunemakers Niacinamide 烟酰胺精华

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Tunemakers Niacinamide 烟酰胺精华 10ml

5%的有效高浓度,能快速改善肤色暗黄和面部色斑, 实现无暇透光。 使用感温和,皮肤吸收率高, 不会刺激毛囊,敏感肌可安心使用。 无矿物油,无酒精,无色素,无香料, 无羟基苯甲酸酯、无石油系界面活性剂。 产品特点 焕白去黄,肌肤白皙通透。 烟酰胺,维生素B3衍生物, 是美容皮肤科学领域公认的亮白成分。 能直接干扰黑色素转移至表皮,同时具有抗糖化作用, 快速改善肤色暗黄和面部色斑,实现无暇透光。 TUNEMAKERS的【烟酰胺】原液为5%, 是能发挥亮肤作用的有效高浓度,皮肤吸收率高, 不会刺激毛囊,敏感肌可安心使用 使用方法 1 作为美容液:于化妆水后,取2~3滴涂抹全脸,焕白提亮,肌肤更白皙通透。 2 混合使用:取2~3滴与化妆水混合后涂全脸,提亮肤色。

  • Niacinamide prevents dullness and lack of firmness around the eyes and mouth, and prepares the skin for crisp, firm and transparent skin.

  • Approaches the cause of lack of firmness and dullness due to UV damage and prevents damage from appearing on the skin.

  • In addition, it prevents dry skin roughened by UV damage and balances the moisture and oil content of the skin.

  • Niacinamide, also known as nicotinic acid amide, is a type of vitamin B, and is a beauty essence ingredient that has recently been attracting attention.

  • Prevents damage from appearing on the skin by approaching the cause of loss of firmness and elasticity and dullness.

  • It is said that not only does it work against firmness, elasticity, and dullness, but it also has the effect of adjusting the balance of moisture and oil in the skin and preventing rough skin.

    How to use:

  • As a serum:

  • After applying lotion, take an appropriate amount and gently spread over the entire face.

  • Intensive care with stacking.

  • Layer it on areas where you are concerned about lack of firmness, elasticity, or dullness.

  • It doesn't get sticky even with plenty of layers.

  • Mix with undiluted lotion and undiluted solution:

  • Intensive care for lack of firmness and elasticity.

  • Customize by adding a few drops to undiluted lotion or retinol.

  • Intensive care for lack of firmness and elasticity to make the skin firm and bouncy.

  • Intensive care for dullness.

  • Customize by mixing a few drops with undiluted lotion, fullerene, or vitamin C derivative.

  • Intensive care for dullness and prepares the skin for a radiant and transparent feeling.