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Wafood Made SK Face Mask (Sake Lees Face Mask) 10 sheets (2nd generation)

RM 45.00


※1 稻糟提取物(保湿成分) ※2 水润、透亮的肌肤 ※3 保湿成分 ※4 米糠鞘糖脂
Harness the moisture of sake lees*1 for firm and translucent skin*2!
With this sheet mask, you can enjoy a high-quality sake lees beauty treatment easily and in the comfort of your own home. Original sake lees extract*3, derived from sake lees at the Kawazu Brewery in Kumamoto Prefecture, is packed into the sheet.
The super thick 3-layer sheets, sturdy and soft to the touch, are packed with skin treatments that penetrate smoothly into your pores.
It also covers worrisome spots like under your eyes and around your mouth. Also, carefully selected for beautiful skin support*3 help moisturize your skin even further.
●Beautiful skin support*3: Cucumber fruit extract, rice ceramides*4, and citrus junos seed extract

<How to Use>Use on clean skin right after washing your face. Fit the eye, mouth, and nose sections to your face. Remove the mask after 5-10minutes. Massage the remaining treatment into your skin using your palms. Continue with your normal skincare routine.
*1 Sake Lees Extract (Moisture-retaining ingredient) *2 For moisturized and translucent skin *3 Moisture-retaining ingredients *4 Glycosphingolipids