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PDC Wafood Made SK Lotion (Sake Lees Lotion)

RM 68.00

Wafood Made SK Lotion (Sake Lees Lotion)

The benefits of our popular sake lees skincare everyday.
This lotion contains 2 types of carefully selected ingredients.

It contains sake lees extract*1 derived from sake lees at the Kawazu Brewery in Kumamoto prefecture.
Moisture penetrates down to your pores*2 and boosts translucence*3 for more beautiful skin.

Also, carefully selected beautiful skin support*1 help moisturize your skin even further.
●Beautiful skin support*1: Cucumber juice extract, rice ceramides*4, and yuzu seed extract

<How to Use>After washing your face, put the appropriate amount (about the size of a quarter) into your hand and massage it evenly onto your face. The ingredients may separate in the bottle, so shake before use.
*1 Moisture-retaining ingredients *2 Cuticles *3 For moisturized and translucent skin *4 Glycosphingolipids




※1 保湿成分 ※2 角质层 ※3 水润、透亮的肌肤 ※4 米糠鞘糖脂