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White Conc Body CC Cream

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White Conc Body CC Cream 200g

  • ✅手臂、颈部、脚腕、全身都可以使用的美白CC霜~尤其手背跟脚背容易晒黑的部位,能修正肤色,遮盖毛孔、皮肤凹凸、肤色不匀等等。✅上身效果立即变白至少一个度!含94.1%美容液,美白有效成分羊胎盘提取物与维生素C衍生物,3种透明质酸和2种胶原蛋白😍 给予肌肤满满的滋润呐~
  • 带着淡淡的柠檬🍋香味,给人精神气爽的感觉🌟

    This is a multi-functional CC cream that doubles skin whitening and skin hydration. You can use this cream on your whole body.
    You can use this product on your legs, arms, decollete, back, hip, elbows, heels, etc.

    Take an appropriate amount of cream in your hand, and spread it to your face and/or body.

    You can repeatedly coat this cream to your concerned areas to obtain better results.

    Avoid applying the cream to irritated areas.

    When removing the cream, rinse it with normal body soap.
    Active ingredients: Vitamin C derivative, mulberry bark extract, bearberry fluid extract, collagen, hyaluronic acid